"Halo 3" And Master Chief's Helmet Arrive At MTV (UPDATED: With Video)

Hands-On I'm not a fan of videos that feature bloggers un-boxing new products.


All these other gaming blogger guys are out at the Tokyo Game Show and I'm not. No, I've been working here in New York City all week, launching the snazzy, revised MTV News and MTV Games blog you have before you. But not being with them out there in Japan makes me feel like I have some sort of responsibility -- some call of duty -- to end my work-week by showing the world the absolutely nuts, wow-they-have-a-lot-of-money package Microsoft just sent me to promote "Halo 3."

Hit the jump for pictures of everything we got.

UPDATE: We've got six minutes of video after the jump now, too!

So this is how MTV News' Tim Kash and I spent our lunchbreak, with photo proof for the world to see. It's a rough job, you know? How did I get this giant package? A couple of weeks ago an Xbox spokesperson asked me if I wanted to check out one of the new "Halo 3"-branded Xbox 360s. I said I didn't need one personally but would be happy to play around with a loaner. They said they weren't loaning them because they were personalizing them. OK, I said, maybe I'll take one for possible coverage and then give it or my current 360 away. You know, to charity.Turns out my name is on the machine. It's also on the big green bag everything came in. And that bag? It didn't just have the cat-helmet $130 version of "Halo 3" and the special 360, it also had a first-aid kit, some controllers, personalized dog tags, and some meals ready-to-eat: meatloaf and manicotti. (As you can see, the "Halo" helmet does not fit on human heads.)I didn't think that by saying yes they'd send me all of this. Anyone need an extra Xbox Live headset?