"Metroid Prime" Developers Talk Controllers, Whether Wii Graphics Will Improve And Their Next Game

Samus AranOver at MTVNews.com I filed an interview with the developers at Retro Studios, the Nintendo-owned outfit behind the "Metroid Prime" series. Wii fans, "Metroid" fans and Retro fans... you'll want to read this one.

I chatted with them for an hour about a week ago and had such an interesting conversation that I couldn't fit all the good stuff into one news article. That means I'll have more from them soon (on this blog, in fact).

A couple of choice excerpts for those without the energy to click through.

..."We'll do crazy stuff," ["Metroid Prime 3" art director Todd] Keller said. "You can ask any artist here what the first 'Prime' was about and they'll say cracks. All we did was put thousands of cracks everywhere. For some reason at the time I was real big into cracks and everything had to be beveled. Every crack was custom. There is not one crack that was copied around. I made them chop up everything. We chopped up every stone that was unique on the game. Every pebble." So what is "Prime 3" about? "Texture detail."


..."One of the things we've always been told by Nintendo of Japan is they say they appreciate us as a studio because we make games they can't make," [Retro game director Mark] Pacini said. "Their specialty is in the casual market. Their specialty is in the platforming and more traditional games." But will Nintendo make Retro go that route too? "I'm really excited about what we're working on next," he said. "If people enjoy the kinds of games Retro makes, I don't think they're going to be disappointed about what we're doing."

Much more in my full "Metroid" Retro interview...