Where Do "Zelda" Mailmen -- And Tingle -- Come From? The Answer Revealed.

PixelJunk RacersOver at MTV News I wrote up an interview with Dylan Cuthbert, the sharp developer of one of my favorite DS games last year ("Star Fox Command"), the best GBA game I've ever played that wasn't released in the U.S. ("Digidrive"), and a fun new racing game called "PixelJunk Racers" that's worth downloading for the PS3.

Hey, at least try the demo.

The column covers Cuthbert's ideas about the wild new "PixelJunk" series, but I kept getting distracted during the interview. I kept asking him about his past. Sorry, but I was fascinated.

See, Cuthbert has an amazing resume that includes, of all things, having his company, Q Games, develop the background silk ribbon graphic on the PS3 and made a lot of tech demos that helped launch the PS2 and PSP. Even cooler is the fact that he's one of the only -- maybe the only? -- westerner to work for Sony and Nintendo in Japan.

The man worked in a 40-man office with Miyamoto back in the SNES days and helped teach the great gamemaker English. He also shared this, excerpted from my column:

What was it like being seated at the far end of the EAD Nintendo office, seated near the bathroom where the rest of the team liked to smoke and test out their English? "They had very strong personalities. All very interesting." How interesting? "They were not the sort to go drinking every night, that kind of flamboyant. They were more very fun and outgoing ... a lot of that comes out in the game. If you've played 'Zelda,' the various postman characters tend to be based on people at Nintendo." What about Tingle, the most eccentric of the "Zelda" universe characters? "That's not someone I know. Someone told me he is based on a person at Nintendo. Where else are they going to get these crazy ideas?"

There's more of that in the column.