What Is The New, Improved MTV Multiplayer?

Multiplayer LogoWelcome to the latest, greatest incarnation of MTV Multiplayer, our ever-evolving blog about video games. What's new this time?

We've got new content that you will like. Guaranteed.*

We've got a big new staff. That's because the new blog merges the efforts of ye olde Multiplayer blogger Stephen Totilo and the formerly-of-GameDrop, now-of-Multiplayer blog fame Jason Cipriano, Gerald Flannory, Tracey John and Jason Mitchell. That's right: MTV News and MTV Games working together, a killer combo, just like when Spyro teamed with Crash.

We've got a snazzy new design, combining elements of ye old Multiplayer and GameDrop.

We could say more, but, really, we'll let the blog speak for itself...


Your Multiplayer Blogging Team

*Unless, over the next 10 days, you would prefer not hearing video game luminaries explain how to pronounce crazy video game words, reading Newsweek's N'Gai Croal argue with us about "BioShock" and why he keeps getting lost in "Metroid Prime 3," watching an interview with "Zelda" producer Eiji Aonuma, gazing at video game Lego sculptures, watching us make our bosses get nervous with a feature called "What We're NOT Playing," taking part in the very first (we hope!) video game advice column, and more, more, more. Did we mention the cool "Mass Effect" exclusive we have coming soon?