Filed At MTV News: What Slash Said About “Guitar Hero”; What Harmonix’s Writer (?) Said About “Rock Band”

Guitar Hero IIIIn my GameFile column at today, Slash talks "Guitar Hero":

"I'm not great at it," he said. "And a lot of that has to do with the fact that it's hard for me to get rid of 30 years — whatever it is — 20-some-odd years of playing in a certain way and then all of the sudden become accustomed to pressing some buttons and stuff. I have these little things that I'm so used to doing that when I'm playing 'Guitar Hero' it sort of screws me up."

In my GameFile column at today, Harmonix associate producer Helen McWilliams talks about writing text for "Rock Band":

"A lot of it is making sure the voice is pretty true to the spirit of rock and roll," she said. "You realize as you start looking at it that there are words that are acceptable in the rock universe and words that are totally unacceptable. It tends to be a lot of me going through and saying we are not saying 'groove' and we are not saying 'jam.' "

For more of that and other news about the two biggest rhythm games still to be released this year, check out GameFile, linked (twice!) above.