Filed At MTV News: New “Donkey Kong” World Record… Set At Mortgage Brokers Convention?

Billy MitchellWhen Billy Mitchell calls, I answer.

Not only is the man a quote machine: "I'm not Steve Spurrier. I'm Billy Mitchell. I don't need to run up the score. I just want to put one in the win column. I want to make it competitive. I didn't want to make it too tough."

Not only is he embroiled in a years-long rivalry with gamer Steve Wiebe to claim the world record in "Donkey Kong": Read all about it in exclusive interviews I did here and here.

But Billy Mitchell stories always have great details. Read my story about his new high score over at to discover the amazing lengths Mitchell went to make this achievement free of any assumptions of foul play. Your keywords will be: "polygraph," "security guard" and "Willy Wonka."

Oh, and he's offering $10,000 if you can beat his score in Las Vegas this weekend. Cash.