200 Words on ‘Bomberman LIVE’


The recently released Xbox Live Arcade game Bomberman LIVE is a homecoming of sorts for this long-loved franchise. Fans of the series have been dropping bombs for almost 25 years now, and the newest version appears to be the first one in a long time that is a worthy update to the franchise.

For anyone that might not be familiar with the franchise, you play as Bomberman and you drop bombs to clear a board of all blocked passageways and enemies while picking up power-ups along the way. It’s pretty much that simple. Bomberman LIVE focuses more on the enemies, as it is best played as a multiplayer game where you hunt and pick off fellow bombermen. And it's a vast improvement over the previous Xbox version, Bomberman: Act Zero.

Fans of the series will love the online aspect, as well as the fairly deep Bomberman customization feature. Bomberman LIVE is definitely worth a try for fans of the series, new and old, as well as for anyone looking for a fast-paced online game where you don’t have to shoot anyone (just blow them up).


Bomberman LIVE is avalible now on Xbox Live for 800 MS points.