Filed At MTV News: “The Simpsons” Counts Cliches, Take On The Enemies Of “Grand Theft Auto”

Simpsons GameOver at I recount the E3 demo I was given of EA's promising "The Simpsons Game." I'd love to tell you more about the story, but I've got some other posts to blog to you folks about. So here's a link.

And here's an excerpt:

"The game's creators let MTV News run a caped Bart through the "Shadow of the Colossal Donut" level, while a developer rolled a powered-up, spherical Homer with a second controller. Lard Lad stomped through a construction site, but Bart, with his trusty slingshot, was able to stop Lard Lad in his tracks. A hatch opened on the giant lad's back and started flashing.

"Suddenly, the game paused. Comic Book Guy appeared on-screen along with a line of text congratulating the player on finding one of 31 video game clichés tucked in the "Simpsons" adventure: the obvious weak point on the boss character. "It's the only game that can call out its own clichés," [creative director Jonathan] Knight said proudly."

Note that they will neither confirm nor deny Jack Thompson references in the game. But they will confirm that even EA itself is in for a serious skewering.