Wiimbledon Takes Over NYC!


Over the weekend (or shall I say "Wii-kend" -- heh heh), the first-ever Wiimbledon Wii tennis tournament was held at Brooklyn's Barcade. The first 128 people to sign up were eligible to participate, and after 5 hours and several rounds, Brooklynite Russ Yagoda (who was dressed as Luigi) took the top prize: a Wii console. But he wasn't the only one to win a Wii; there was also a costume contest and the guy in the bear suit won hands down. Hit the jump to see more photos (with captions, of course) of the crazy event...


The map of the place. (Yes, there were six Wiis!)


A packed bar before noon with beer-drinking and Wii-playing all around. An excellent way to start the day!


The center court: a lopsided Samsung on a pool table with the sensor bar taped to the top. Classy!


Before I made fun of the lopsided Samsung on the pool table... Yeah, I think this is worse.


Wiimbledon co-founders Lane Buschel and Steve Bryant.


ABC News was there. The guy hitting people with the giant boom mic gave them away.


I have no idea what's happening here.


Luigi after his winning shot. It was apparently the greatest moment of his life.

Photo Credit: Jesse Angelo