Filed at MTV News: For those not satisfied with the Starbucks global warming video game, the XBox 360’s contest to make a new one

In my weekly GameFile column I've got a report on Microsoft and the Games4Change group's recently announced initiative to get college students to make games about global warming -- games that could get turned into Xbox Live Arcade offerings a year from now.

Microsoft's Jeff Bell predicts success: "I do not believe this is going to replace 'Halo 3' or 'The Sims' or 'World of Warcraft,' but I do think that we're seeing a radical, new and exciting phase for the gaming industry, and we're hoping that we see some innovation and even some new genres being developed as part of this first step."

Game designer Ian Bogost sprinkles the skepticism: "I think contests are a risky proposition. They give Microsoft or any other sponsor the rhetorical benefit of the sponsorship, and they automatically apologize for either the success or failure of the outcome, without requiring the sponsor to invest any actual money or time."

And what did I contribute? A half-baked idea for a "Forza"-style game that makes the game world hotter every time you put the pedal to the metal.

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