System Upgrade — The New MTV News Multiplayer

When my editors and I first dreamed up MTV Multiplayer, we decided it would be the perfect daily column for me to talk about the strange and sometimes wonderful things I've encountered in video games. That would include dispatches about the game with invisible horses that I could play while jogging, the game that featured two squares and their rocky marriage, and the game that might have been too much fun.

That was a good experiment. Then we decided to upgrade.

The new MTV News Multiplayer launching today will feature more of the original approach -- now under posts entitled "Things I've Done" -- as well as a series of other regular features that I can't completely detail because either a) I'm maintaining the element of surprise or b) I haven't figured them out yet. If you like video games, I trust that we'll keep you well-informed and entertained.

Two other things this blog will include: a comments section that I hope will generate a good amount of back-and-forth between me and the rest of the gaming community; and links to all non-Multiplayer gaming articles published by MTV News, making this blog your one-stop shopping destination for all MTV News gaming content. If we do a story, video segment or anything else about video games, you'll read about it here.

If there's anything I'm not doing on this blog that you want me to add, let me know and I'll do my best to address your request.

Oh, and this blog also has been retro-fitted with all previous posts from the old Multiplayer. The wonders of technology, indeed! You can dig back all the way to posts circa November 2006. For you youngsters out there, back then George W. Bush was President, Angelina Jolie was a famous movie star and the Wii was the hot new game console. Ah, the memories.