Blizzard WWI ‘07: Live Music


When it comes to booking live music, the folks who run the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational don't mess around. Video Games Live was there, an organization that has top orchestras and choirs perform music from popular video games synchronized with exclusive in-game footage. For this particular event, the VGL choir and orchestra performed the beloved themes from World of Warcraft and Starcraft (which you can see here and here).


Tommy Tallerico, co-creator and host of VGL, introduces the performance. (He also plays guitar in the StarCraft portion.)


Conductor Jack Wall and others performing the themes of StarCraft. Following the announcement of StarCraft 2 the day before were performances from Korea's hottest acts. The first was Maximum Crew, "one of the rising stars in the Korean breakdance scene." (Watch the video here.)


Next was Hyori Lee, Korea's highest-paid female singer. (See her perform here.)


(Think Pussycat Dolls, but South Korea-style. Hey, at least it wasn't Hanson.)