Blizzard WWI ‘07: STARCRAFT 2!


"Korea is the only place in the world where an event like this could ever fill an Olympic stadium," said Mike Morhaime, President and Co-Founder of Blizzard Entertainment. "Unveiling a new game in Korea is just a small way of saying thanks." With that, he said no more, and presented a jam-packed arena with a cinematic trailer. As the video played on a gigantic screen, the whole stadium waited with bated breath, even though they already knew in their hearts what it was. At the very end, the game logo appeared and the crowd roared louder than when a touchdown is scored at the Super Bowl. It was the game they've been waiting nearly 10 years for: StarCraft 2. And it's a full-scale real-time strategy game like its 1998 predecessor (and not an MMO like CVG erroneously reported, and definitely not out by the end of 2007).

The game will feature the same three races, but with an emphasis on making them as distinct from each other as possible with new weapons, vehicles and abilities. Although we only saw an early demo of the gameplay, it looked fantastic; it seemed not only more fun to play, but more fun to watch (an important component of e-sports). If anything, the Koreans were pleased: they "oooed" and "aaahed" at every new feature. For more pictures of the presentation, click below.


The view from the vast press area.


Like Morhaime said: the Koreans know how to pack a stadium.


No one screamed louder than these South Korean schoolgirls. It was almost like a Backstreet Boys concert circa 1999. (Except, you know, replace the crappy boy band with kick-ass video games that involve lots of fantastical violence.)


Jungwon Hahn, managing director of Blizzard's Korean office.


Mike Morhaime, President and Co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment.


No one dares to talk during the cinematic trailer.