Counting Down the Days


What?s the deal with official sites for games having countdowns lately? Why do we need a countdown?  Just as much buzz is generated by the news itself. I blame Grand Theft Auto. (Wow, saying that kinda makes me feel dirty? like Jack Thompson.)

In the last couple of months, a slew of games have set themselves up with countdowns, and it?s getting kind of annoying, and extreamly clich?We get it: There's a game coming out! Just give us the info. Make it stop, please make it stop.

Just a sampling of some of the more high profile games that have had countdowns lately (along with my opinions on them):

Grand Theft Auto 4: It was just a trailer,  but it managed to crash the internets.
God of War 2: First of all, the game was already out. Secondly, it had another countdown within the site for another game. So that made it doubly annoying.
The Simpsons: Which was kind of awesome because it was mocking GTA, but then it got pulled.
Spider-Man 3: Yeah, that was so worthwhile.
Fallout 3: Still counting down ?til after the apocalypse.
Lord of the Rings Online: Everyone just couldn?t wait to be a black dwarf.
Some Blizzard Game: Everyone?s fingers are crossed for Starcraft 2.
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 100% completely worth the wait.