Get Your Tech On


In an effort to broaden my hobbitual horizons (the goal with that phrase was to insinuate that I'm getting more from my social life, but it really just makes me sound like a hobbit with an addiction), I'm now going to be writing a weekly blog about cool techy things that come my way.  That being said, here's a little something that caught my eye this week: The iMainGo.

I'm gonna spare you all the technical details and forgo telling you about all the awards and praise this iPod case/miniature dance club is currently garnering -- although if you're one of those people who need a little critical affirmation before you buy anything, feel free to peep their website and check all the love this thing's been getting -- and just tell you this: Ever since our games team here at MTV got their hands on the iMainGo last week, there's been nothing but a steady stream of playlists coming from the small slice of corporate real estate affectionately referred to as "the Games cave" 'round these parts.

That, my friends, is all the approval you should need.