11 Reasons Why You’d Want the Halo 3 Beta


The Halo 3 beta has been on my Xbox 360 for a full weekend now, since the game was previewed in NYC on Friday. Having never really dug too far into the previous Halo games (blasphemy, I know), I was rather impressed as I was baptized by fire, and put together a list of the good and a list of the bad based on the multiplayer beta (no ugly list though).

Eleven Reasons You Really Want the Halo 3 Beta:

11. Spartan customization.

10. The ranking system keeps you in matches you might actually win.

9. The Spartan Laser.

8. The zoom on the sniper scope.

7. You can veto the map and game type.

6. You can rip the turret guns off their turrets.

5. It?s under 1GB. (916 MB).

4. The jump pads that propel you across the entire board in Valhalla.

3. Dead bodies floating down the river.

2. It looks absolutely amazing in HD.

1. C?mon ?. It?s Halo 3, and you?ve been waiting three years for it now.

5 Reasons You Don?t Want the Halo 3 Beta:

5. You can?t fire while driving the Mongoose.

4. There?s only three maps.

3. Everyone?s better than you. (Really.)

2. The new Crackdown downloadable content.

1. Who are we kidding? ? It?s Halo 3, and there?s really no good reason to not want to play it.