King Bowser and the Generic Nintendo Title


He's been around for over 20 years.

He's been around in a bunch of different forms; remade, skeletal, a baby, a really crappy character in a movie, and even Giga.

He's golfed, played soccer, kart-raced, and even been invited to the party.

He's even (somehow) has kids!

Isn't it really about time that the King of the Koopas gets his own game?!?!?

When am I going to get to play a full game as King Bowser?  So he's got a little bit of a breath problem, and some blood lust issues directed at an Italian plumber or two... he's just a little misunderstood. After a few hours of playing as him in "Super Paper Mario," I want more. More firebreath. More smashy smashy. More attitude. More megalomaniac complexes. MORE MORE MORE. Sure, I could go play some "Smash Bros. Melee", but, it's just not the same. Bowser really deserves his own full-on platformer. And why not? They gave a bunch to Donkey Kong (remember he was the original baddie), and Wario's even got like, seven. But, seriously... WHY DOESN'T BOWSER HAVE HIS OWN GAME? It's a simple request really. It doesn't need to be a full on Wii title; I'd take a little DS game.