Anatomy of a Game Junket

Last week, THQ had its annual Wrestlemania junket wherein 50 or so game writers were invited out to Detroit, shown the latest iteration of WWE Smackdown vs. Raw, and then taken to Wrestlemania 23.

Now, although I have attended events like these a bunch of times, they still endlessly fascinate me. Not only does THQ have to manage the schedules for 50 people, it also has to plan activities solely designed to keep the troops entertained. This year's trip saw people arriving on Wednesday and leaving on Monday, which means that everyone had lots of free time.

So. This year, THQ took the game nerds to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. The trip had absolutely nothing to do with anything, but it did have the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, which game writers Tony "Matlock" Barrett and Chris Hoffman from the wonderful periodical Nintendo Power were kind enough to pose in front of.


Also, talk about educational, the Henry Ford Museum also had this:

(Make the jump to see this great piece of educational literature...)