Dirk the Daring with Eyeball Tentacle Creature ON BLU-RAY!


There are key titles in gaming?s past that simply cannot be ignored, if only for the fact that they pushed the technological envelope for all future games. One if the most influential titles to do so was Dragon's Lair.

For those of you that might not know, Dragon?s Lair was the first disc-based arcade game that, for 1983, blew away everything that it stood next to in the arcade. In many cases, it was played so much that the hardware inside broke down. For its time, the game was visually stunning; as for the plot, it's the standard sob story that you've heard many times before: Someone's kidnapped the princess and you, the dashing knight, must save her.

Either way, as time has passed Dragon?s Lair began to fade into obscurity (despite having T.V. shows, and Xbox games). But hark! Up ahead, an even newer, flashier disc-based technology will help you save the still-kidnapped Princess Daphne. In other words, Dragon?s Lair will soon be coming out on Blu-ray for all to play in eyebleed-inducing HD running at 1080p. It will also be the first game to use new Blu-ray Disc Java-based technology. Sweet.


This momentous occasion was marked with the giving of swag.

Digital Leisure Inc. sent along some pretty great stuff, so check out the pics after the jump.