Post-GDC: Fable 2


Peter Molyneux, love him or hate him, gives a really good speech. At GDC, he had a packed crowd laughing and booing and hanging on his every word.

This, I thought, bodes well for Fable 2.

Anyway, Molyneux revealed some new features for his game. The big reveal, of course, was a dog companion that every player in Fable 2 will have access to. And this, of course, was to make the player care, to feel something, even if it's indifference.

Players will be able to use the Xbox Communicator headset to call their dogs, Molyneux said. And, he hinted, players will be able to meet other players' dogs?most likely online.

Also, Molyneux is cool enough to refer to a certain natural, biological act as "rumpy-pumpy love."