Live From GDC: Foot, Meet Mouth


It happened at GDC, and I totally missed it.

On Wednesday, a bunch of game developers held a seminar titled "Burning Mad: Game Publishers Rant." And, as befitting a seminar about game developers ranting, there was much ranting to be had.

Enter Chris Hecker, one young brainiac who never heard of the old saying, the frog does not befoul the pond in which he swims.

Hecker called the Wii a piece of feces. Only he didn't use the word feces. And he claimed the Wii was nothing more than two GameCubes held together with duct tape. There was still some room in Hecker's mouth, so he opened it to stick the other foot in, when he suggested Nintendo make a console that does not suck ass.

Needless to say, the apology soon followed...