Live From GDC: Force Unleashed!


Attendees at the Game Developers Conference got to see a whole lot of nothing about LucasArts' new Star Wars title Force Works. But today, LucasArts gave attendees of a seminar a brief look at the game's protagonist, an as-yet-unnamed no-goodnik serving as Darth Vader's secret apprentice.

Vader's apprentice got to torment Stormtroopers in what was basically a technology demo. He ripped Stormtroopers off a balcony, knocking them over a ledge (and smartly, two Troopers tried to grab on to said ledge, clinging to one another). Then, he picked up another enemy and held him in the air with Force powers, finally impaling him, mid-air, with a thrown lightsaber.

Oh, and the apprentice also holds his lit lightsaber behind his back when he's running or not fighting. Very cool.