Live From GDC: Sony Going Home

The other big announcement at Sony's pre-GDC Keynote party spoke of a virtual home for all PlayStation 3 users. Called Home, this will be a free download enabling people to enter a virtual world (filled, of course, with advertisements) where people can create a character, talk with friends, engage in games such as billiards and arcade titles, and decorate their own personal virtual apartment.

It's a lot like Second Life, Home is. It supports both text- and voice chat, and players can import pictures and videos to use in their personal space. For the demonstration, a virtual TV was purchased and placed in a user's home. A trailer for the new James Bond film was selected from stored content on the PlayStation 3 and then made to run on the TV set.

Oh, and then the TV set was dropped down the stairs to show that, yes, all items in Home have realistic physics. Miracles and wonder...