EA Wants You… To Give Them More Money

Yanni_4 Here's my problem: Every time I cruise at 124 mph down crowded city streets I feel a little incomplete. What starts off as a fun and adventurous Need for Speed-inspired Sunday afternoon drive filled with unlimited potential for mirth and merriment always ends a being bit emotionally unfulfilling, and I've finally figured out why--THE MUSIC!! It's very difficult to fully embrace the joy of dodging pedestrians at three times the legal speed limit when the only thing on the radio is the latest from Yanni. Fortunately for me -- and every other driver out there who thinks that "road rage" is just a heightened sense of awareness -- times are a-changing.

Electronic Arts -- in an effort to finally realize their goal of having more money than God -- has announced that, starting today, all the kick-ass tunes from their best-selling titles will be available for download here, taking their whole "It's In The Game" catchphrase to a whole new level. Check out the entire story here

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some downloading to do. I have a 5 o'clock flag football game against the 11 year-olds who live on my block, and I'd love to show 'em who's boss while rocking out to a little Good Charlotte.