Meet The Pac-mans… I mean Capmans


Straight off the floor of New York Comic Con 2007 comes the awesomest purchase ever. Meet Mr. and Mrs. Capman. The lovely couple are the creation of artist Keith Poon and were available in very limited runs in blue (only 300 pieces at the Toy Qube booth) and pink (only 150 pieces exclusive to Wizard?s booth) for $55 and $60, respectively. The vinyls are two parts: The ghosts (which glow) on top and the Pacs on the bottom.


For some reason I just had to get both of them. I fancy myself a bit of a Pac-man fan and couldn?t resist breaking them up. Plus, the added draw of having the artist there to sign the heads made buying them a no-brainer. I?m pretty sure I?ll be picking up the next edition as well which will be a Goomba with a mushroom (red and green) for a cap. Man, Mrs. Jaded Cynic is gonna be pretty pissed...