Spider-Man 3 Revealed

Activision recently unveiled Spider-Man 3 at an event in San Francisco. And when words fail ...

Aside from the standard exploration, rescue, and fighting bits, players will get to play as Peter Parker and Spider-Man. As Spider-Man, there will be two different costumes available: the traditional red-and-blue and the newer, more sinister black costume.

The thing Activision isn't showing in this gameplay trailer is how it's handling the game's cinematic bits. Certain scenes in the trailer (notably, the ones where Peter Parker is fighting the Green Goblin, spinning through the air to avoid a series of cars hurled at him, and the fight against the Sandman) will require players to make a series of button presses to ensure Spider-Man performs an action successfully. During these moments (and game fans will recognize them as being similar to the ones in Sega's adventure Shenmue), the game flashes the correct button input on screen. So, for example, when the game tells you to press the "A" button to smash Sandman in his mush, you better do it?or suffer, Spidey.

Head past the jump for some neat screens of the game.