The Fable That is Fable 2

Fable was one of the most hyped video games of all time. Its creator Peter Molyneux gave tons of interviews about the ambitious game (initially codenamed Project: Ego), telling game fans about all the things he wanted to put in the game.

When it was finally released, Fable for the Xbox turned out to be a brilliant RPG. But it didn't have everything Molyneux spoke about; a lot had to be cut because the technology didn't allow it, or there simply wasn't time in the development schedule.

Now, Microsoft and Molyneux are planning the debut of Fable 2, and things are entirely different this time around. Little, if any, information has been published about the game.

Things are about to change. At this year's Game Developer's Conference, held in San Francisco in early March, Peter Molyneux is going to give a speech about the innovations in his new game.

"Plus, Peter Molyneux has promised to reveal a totally unexpected feature in Fable 2," the GDC's Web site says.

Now that's some excellent hype...