A is For Addiction


The mainstream media has once again picked up on the worst-kept secret ever: Humans are compulsive, obsessive creatures and tend to become addicted to things rather easily.

The Yahoo! news story outlines video game addiction, and is really only notable for its case study of a former World of WarCraft user, a man known as "Splint." In two years of playing World of WarCraft, Splint allegedly put in a whopping 180 days' worth of video game adventuring.

It's interesting to note, by the way, that when Splint ended his game addiction, he helped nurture it in another human. The article notes, without irony, "When he quit the game, he sold his [World of WarCraft] account and character to another player for $1600. It was a Christmas present from a mother to her son, who already owned four accounts. 'I felt almost terrible to pass that off to him,' [Splint said]."