Sega Loves Your PSP (Or: A Crushing Blow)


Game behemoth Sega recently had game writers over to its San Francisco offices to sample six (count 'em) games for the PSP.

"Sega Loves Your PSP," was the theme of the day, and such was printed on the little ID tags given out at the event. Game writers were shuffled from game station to game station to see and play titles such as Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars, Alien Syndrome, Virtua Tennis 3, After Burner: Black Falcon, Full Auto 2: Battlelines, and Crush.

I have to say, while all the titles were intriguing in some small way (some smaller than others), the game that most caught my eye was Crush, a supergoofy puzzle game in which you play an insomniac trying to get to sleep. Each of the game's levels presents a navigational challenge, and the worlds must be manipulated (or crushed) from two dimensions to three, and then back again. By doing so, the hero can reach new parts of the puzzle, interact with objects, and find an escape.

Oh, and head past the jump to see something cool...

This has nothing to do with games, but Sega actually had a video koi pond that was pretty darn neat.


And the video fish!