Wii Love You


Ah, St. Valentine's day. We may all be accustomed to the more

commercial tradition of chalky candy hearts and overpriced roses, but according to

the Legenda Aurea (circa ye olde days of

1260), before St. Valentine was beheaded after refusing to deny Christ, he

valiantly cured his jailer's daughter of her blindness. Sigh. How


We may not all have the capability to restore sight to our loved ones, but

fear not: there are many other ways to feel the love on this Valentine's Day,

particularly for our beloved next-gen consoles.  Luckily, the handful of muses

over at poetwii have

masterfully composed several heartfelt poetic tales of romance, hard love and

gamers' lust for the Nintendo Wii.  With plenty of haikus and limericks,

poetwii evokes some of the most tender moments of gaming, guaranteed to

make Wii lovers a little more twitterpated than before.

And now dear readers, a short excerpt from poetwii to set your hearts


"Lovers' Quarrel"

Bemused the others all may be
Whenever I press A+B
And dangle you


You kicked me out and took my key,
And think you got the best of

But who will save your precious Mii?