Amazing XBLA Delivers… Paperboy


The big MS announced today that the arcade classic Paperboy will be released on Xbox Live this Wednesday, continuing their Live Arcade Wednesday tradition. 400 MS Points will net you the original arcade game and not the Paperboy you grew up playing on your NES. (In the ?industry? we call this ?The Contra Effect.?) For many of you that may have been too young to hit up the arcades alone in the early 80s, lest your parents receive visits from social services, the only thing the original Paperboy had going for it over the NES version was that cabinet had some radical handlebar steering controls, which will unfortunately not be emulated by Microsoft with what could have been ?the peripheral of the century.?

Having spent a little bit of time with this download already, I can assure you if you?ve only played the NES version, stick to the VC this week and pick up Kid Icarus or Ice Climbers, because the guys pulling up their pants in this game just aren?t the same. In fact, your best bet is to check out the Mega 64 version? it?s actually better than this download.