EB: Extra Bad?


Web site Popularcultureshock.com has an interesting essay from someone who really doesn't like EBgames.

In this not-so-shocking expose, writer the Mad Gamer, supposedly a former game store clerk, speaks out about the megachain's policies, notably, its games trade-in policy, its used console sales, and its preorder sales. Needless to say, the Mad Gamer is not a fan...

Some bon mots from the essay:

"Another thing you never want to do is ask an EB Games' employee their personal opinion about whether a game is good or bad. Why? Because they really aren't allowed to tell you if they think a certain game sucks. If they ever told you that Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects sucked ass, they would face disciplinary action."

and ...

"In my store we kept a lot of those pre-owned [game] consoles in the restroom. Do you know how nasty it was to see some Gamecubes, PS2s and XBOXs sitting in a plastic bag near the toilet with dried piss on them?"

Enjoy the reading while you can. Once the lawyers get ahold of it, there may be nothing left.

Oh, but beware. The language used is more than a little coarse.