Wii Don’t Like The Games So Much

Okay, so the headline for this entry is horribly misleading, so much so I expect to be overcome with grief and not, say, able to finish a third bowl of Cookie Crisp.

But if you ever wanted proof that Nintendo is out to lure more than just video game fans with its new console, here it is. The Associated Press will be providing news for a new Wii News Channel which can be accessed, of course, through the Wii's dashboard interface. The news channel debuts Saturday.

Now it seems odd that people might use the Wii for their daily news, especially when they can just turn on CNN, or use a dedicated reporting site on the Internet (which can also be accessed via the Wii), but hey!  I thought it was kind of odd for Nintendo to name a game console after the sound I make going down a rollercoaster or, to be a bit more blunt, a bodily function I like to avail myself of now and again.