Ice To See You

It's ever so delightful to discuss the excesses of the video game industry, say, while still tasting the delightful cookies on sticks the hostesses brought around during Capcom's Lost Planet  launch party.  The company rented out a convention hall in San Francisco and invited the general public, as well as a host of video game folk for what was, give or take, the nerd equivalent of New Year's in Time Square.

In keeping with the game's theme of shooting stuff on a planet that's not only lost, but freakin' cold, Capcom had huge machines pumping out fake snow, and drink bars made entirely out of ice.


And a guy made stuff out of LEGO. This is one of the mechs from Lost Planet.


Plus, if you felt as if you wanted to climb a rock wall, Capcom had you covered there, too.


All this was done to promote one game.

God bless you, Capcom.