Steve Jobs snookered the folks at MacWorld in San Francisco, heralding three new breakthroughs in terms of a widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone, and an internet device.

But there weren't three new products to be had from Apple, just the new iPhone, the latest hot thing.

Correction: For $500-$600, the three-in-one iPod should emerge as the newest, hottest, and costliest must-have next-biggest thing since the PlayStation 3. And already handheld game developers and publishers are dreaming of putting their titles on the new device.

British game site MCV has already beaten down the doors of prospective iPhone game makers, with one of them gushing, "[iPhone] opens up an exciting extra channel for mobile gaming. The touch screen interface is totally new and hugely exciting for us as content providers. It?ll be interesting to see how it works but it?s got real potential to show up limitations on current phones for developers."

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