Crackdown = The Fun


The hot tip of the day is Crackdown is going to be a smart purchase for the Xbox 360, and not just because it will allow you to download a beta copy of Halo 3.

Get this: Today, a friend who works at a game magazine that shall remain nameless indicated that the Xbox 360 adventure Crackdown rocks like a paper boat on the high seas. He's been playing the final (review) version of the game, and really has nothing bad to say about it.

I trust this person's judgment implicitly. I'm just surprised because Crackdown is one of those titles that never really received any fanfare.

Crackdown has you playing as a superhuman agent of ass-kicking in a crime-ridden city. It's got cooperative play, ultraviolence, and serves as a direct pipeline to Halo 3, practically the holy trinity of great qualities.