Gears Grind On


"What better way to celebrate the New Year then [Sic] to meet friends new and old online and greet them with the sounds of a chainsaw?"

Microsoft, gramatically incorrect as it may be, is at least doing something nice for the people who've purchased the third-person shooter Gears of War. Two new mulitplayer maps will be made available for War on Wednesday, and not one of us under the sun will be charged a cent for it.

The new maps can be downloaded via Xbox Live 360. Microsoft describes them thusly:

1)  Raven Down: A Raven Helicopter has gone down in the middle of a large scale battle with the omnipresent Locust Horde.  Gears have taken out the Seeder and gamers join Delta Forces moving into the crash site from all angles to search for survivors.

2) Old Bones: In an attempt to eradicate any traces of human history and culture, the Locust Horde has emerged under Sera?s Capitaline Museums and has begun to destroy them brick by brick. Each gamer?s mission is to help the Delta Force recapture the museums before all remnants of humankind?s existence are obliterated.