Wasting Away in Rumorville

It's been a really good week for rumormongering.

Web site Engagdet claims a newer version of the Xbox 360 is set to release in 2007. This retooled console may come with a 120 GB hard drive, an HDMI port, and an improved processor.

Everybody is claiming the PlayStation 3's exclusive Tekken 6 is going to Xbox 360. So far, Namco has yet to say anything on the matter.

Electronic Arts' The Lord of the Rings:The White Council, which was formerly hyped as Project Gray Company, may have been canceled, or had its focus changed.

And, finally, Guitar Hero II for Xbox 360 will feature new content, according to a leak of, of all things, its game box (see below).

As for the validity of these rumors, well, consider this:

1) The cheese stands alone.

2) If the mule don't kick, you know the mule don't ride.

3) Console revisions are a sure bet, Namco wants to make money with Tekken 6, Electronic Arts would sooner implode or relocate to the fourth level of The Inferno before losing an opportunity to cash in on its Lord of the Rings license and, hey! why not.