Your Creepy Pal, GamesRadar!

Web site has crossed that subtle line betwixt clever and creepy.

You can read the damage here?or just wince as the article's writer slips from casually detached to full-on unsettling. As in, "Hello, I'm Norman Bates."

"[The women in Sims 2] might not have the infamy of Fear Effect 2's heroines or the nudity of Magna Cum Laude's cartoon lesbians, but when you make two girls kiss in The Sims, they are seriously into it. And if you've prodded them for a while to make them fall in love, their enthusiasm is definitely gratifying. Add the ability to create and customize your dream girls, view their intense make-outs from any angle and buy them furniture and matching outfits, and America's favorite computer game skirts dangerously close to being its most depraved - as well as its hottest."