Sony: We Are Ready

Sony's president Kaz Hirai was gracious enough to give the San Francisco crowd what it really wanted. "Rrrrrrriiiiiiidddddddgggggeeee Rrrrraaaaacccceerrrr!" he exclaimed while showing off the PlayStation 3 and, frankly, all was right with the world.

There wasn't a tremendous amount of news given out at Sony's gamer's day, held in San Francisco's Potrero Hill. Sony announced 22 titles for PlayStation 3 from the console's launch until the end of the year and promised the first 500,000 PlayStation 3s will come boxed with a Blu-Ray copy of Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. There was some news on pricing ($59.99 for Sony's first party games; $49.99 for a wireless controller; $14.99 for a memory card adapter to transfer PlayStation and PlayStation 2 game saves to the PlayStation 3).

Oh, and there were games. And Ludacris.


(Ludacris is the one on the right. Here, he's saying "Luda," and I'm pretty sure the crowd was all, like, "Chris.")