Blasting Puke = Fun

Many videogames offer puking as a form of expression, but only one has the unmitigated gall to make cleaning it up fun: Thrillville.

In Thrillville, you get to build and manage your own theme park. You can create rollercoasters, talk to the patrons, and drop in rides, games, and other attractions. And, when it comes time to teach the park's janitors how to better clean up vomit, the game offers its own timed challenge: players must blast away puke with a water gun while simultaneously sucking in cans and other detritus. Clean enough junk in a limited time, and you'll not only be awarded with cash, but an increase in the janitor's skills.

And now, while I am on the topic: Could Marvel Comics' Incredible Hulk himself vomit up a puddle so mighty not even he could clean it up?