Moms Heart Wii

Nintendo is all fired up to sell its new Wii console to the non-gaming masses that it threw a party for a blog-writing California mom.

Mom was handpicked by Nintendo to play host, and the company brought over Wiis and food so she could throw a party for her friends and her kids' friends. As mom says, "Hmmm, let's see if I can recall some of the perks...

"Free shirts

"Enough food from our favorite Mexican Restaurant to feed a small country (did I mention beer and wine?)

"The ability to really impress our friends

"Family bonding

"Getting [SIC] witness people getting their 'game on'

"Letting our daughter and her friends go nuts (who now think blogging is the portal to all things good)

"Our thank you gifts (Can you say DS lites & games? I'll bet your kids can!)

"Playing games that no one else has played yet, 'neener, neener, neener!' (as my Uncle put it)

"Party Favors

"To have a phenomenal group of strangers come in, set up a full-blown, all expenses paid, totally amazing party at our house and then CLEAN it all up for us.

"Left overs (in both the food and the alcohol department)"


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