Out of the Muck and Into the Mire

Money_bag_1I'm not sure when I became saddled with the twin albatrosses "humanity" and "a conscience." And I'll be damned when I began to feel pangs of?how do you say it in your Earth language??common decency.

I got an invitation via e-mail a little while ago. It's for some game-related event to be held sometime in October. The invite itself isn't very notable; I get plenty of them in a given week. As it's my job, I RSVP for them, attend them, and then run, oftentimes for my life.

What's notable is this little snippet that was included, almost as an afterthought. I am reprinting it verbatim here:

"Plus, our gift bags will be filled with hundreds of dollars worth of product! Please feel free to bring your fellow colleagues as well, simply RSVP with me." (The emphasis, of course, is purely mine.)

Now, I have oftentimes felt less dirty after, say, rescuing waifs who have fallen into septic tanks.

But then it hit me, the axis of evil: Humanity, conscience, human decency.

Do I feel rotten because:

A) Prima facie, this is creepy.


B) Because, had I not read that portion of the invitation, I would have had no trouble whatsoever accepting the goodie bag and then, depending on my humours, either keeping its contents or passing them on to friends, thus attempting in some small way to buy their favor the way the company hoped to buy mine with hundreds of dollars worth of product!?