Here Be A Blog Entry

Depending on who you talk to, today may either be Talk Like a Pirate Day or not. But one thing's for sure: I don't think we'll ever forget the time that young rapscallion Bart won himself an elephant from KBBL's "KBBL's Going to Give Me Something Stupid" promotion.


Anyway, to honor this momentous occasion, which may or may not be taking place right now, I thought to recall some of the recent, and scurvy, pirate-themed games I played?in the colorful vernacular of a buccaneer.

Pirates of the Caribbean (Xbox, PC) ? A fetid load. Yar!

Pirates: Legend of Black Kat (Xbox, PlayStation 2) ? More like Pirates: Legend of the Sucky Game, ye mateys.

and ...

One Piece: Pirates' Carnival (PlayStation 2) ? It's one piece, all right. Um. Yo ho.

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