We’ve Got The Beat


I have, at times, been ill-prepared to rock.

With Elite Beat Agents for the DS nearing its November release date, I feel my rock readiness is hovering near to 95- to, perhaps, an astounding 98 percent. Who has the beat, you ask? I most certainly do.

Agents is a rhythm-based game. And you tap the DS' stylus along to the game's persistent and most rocktageous beat, as the wacky Elite Beat Agents dance about like the hep cats they are. The game's "story" has the agents traveling to a desert island, helping a movie director find his groove, and helping a teenage girl find true love with the bohunk football star.

I have to say, I've been pimping this one since May, and am running out of hyperbole.

Anyway, November is an exceedingly long way off, but the good news is that Nintendo will be bringing a playable demo of the game to its DS download stations very, very soon.