Sony And The Eve of Destruction

This Wired article suggests the PlayStation 3 will make or break Sony.


It's a hyperbolic argument, to be sure, but the writer does make some interesting points. He says, "But the megaproducts Sony has come up with, whether the AirBoard portable TV/Internet screen or the PS3, haven't sought to fill some simple, unrecognized need, as the Walkman had done; they've sought to do many things in the best way imaginable. Simply reading their spec sheets is enough to make you suspect they were designed not to please customers but to beat Microsoft. They make you long for Nintendo's Wii, a game console whose singular appeal is that it'll be fun to play."

As it stands now, the PlayStation 3 is a bloated, expensive game player. It's utilizing proprietary Blu-Ray technology that might, just might, become as well used as Betamax. Its online service might not ever be as user-friendly as Microsoft. And its vaunted cell technology might not ever be fully realizing in, you know, an actual game.

The Chinese have a curse: May you live in interesting times. This is where Sony won't necessarily save or destroy itself, but rather potentially shape the course of videogaming for years to come. I doubt the PlayStation 3 will become a footnote. But it might not be the juggernaut that crushes all in its wake, either.

Interesting times.