Euphoria, Dr. Jones…

How weird is it watch a video of the new Indiana Jones game in German? Answer: More than you could possibly imagine. Check it out here.

Anyway, what scary German dude is talking about (and what's shown in the video) here is Euphoria, a new system by which game characters are given a "nervous system" of sorts. When they're introduced to stimuli (a punch, a rolling rope bridge), they'll attempt to achieve equilibrium. An increased range of motions and object detection means characters will put their hands out for balance, or roll right over hoods. In short, the game will not react to two events in the exact same way. It can't.


As LucasArts says, "Imagine a swaying rope bridge. With euphoria in action, characters visibly attempt to balance themselves, their feet stumbling, their arms flailing, and their hands reaching for security as the unpredictable movements of the bridge threaten to send them plummeting to their doom. Perhaps they all survive. Perhaps they all fall. The use of euphoria means the action isn?t scripted ? it?s simulated ? so you?ll never be able to predict exactly what will happen, no matter how many times you?ve experienced a certain scenario."

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