God Gave FLAMING Rock n Roll To U

Oh, man. In the immortal words of Bon Scott, let there be rock. Flaming Guitar Rock.


Yes, that is a flaming guitar producing actual flames from a heavily modified Guitar Hero SG controller.

This comes from the Guitar Hero forum. Poster Brian from New Jersey describes how he turned his boring old plastic Guitar Hero SG into a flaming ax that may well be the cause of his painful, third-degree-burn-laden death.

"I made this mod," he says, "by buying a handful of MegaMatches and used their innards. I hooked together two butane tanks with a control arm so they are both activated with a single switch. It originally lit with the piezoelectric spark system from the MegaMatch, but I had to remove the spark system because the insulation was not strong enough to protect the button circuitry."


"The guitar head [above] was the original in which you can see the spark wires. I had to relocate the second tube to the left side. Without the spark system, the guitar has to be lit from a separate source (like a friend with a lighter or a candle) which means it will be extra hard to activate during a song which sucks really, but what are ya gonna do? I painted the head of the guitar with BBQ Black heat resistant paint which is rated for 1200 degrees. The tanks are refillable and adjustable."