"I don't want to cover this," a friend said at Konami's barbeque, held yesterday in San Francisco's Fort Mason. Konami was showing its upcoming titles, and he was speaking of Elebits, a weird little Wii game where you wreck a house to capture cute little electrical creatures.

"I can go home and wreck my own kitchen," he said. "For free!"

Anyway, Elebits seemed emininently cute and quirky. It's just there might not be a game there. You really are just wrecking stuff and manipulating items for the sake of manipulating stuff and wrecking items. Sure, it was neat to use the Wii's remote control to, say, turn on a water faucet or pull open a refridgerator door, but it didn't seem particularly fun. And popping corn in a virtual microwave or pushing basketball through a video hoop wasn't all that thrilling.


Nintendo and its third-party developers have a great opportunity with the Wii. But everybody involved has to know they can't coast on the console's unique controller. The gimmicks will only carry everyone as far as the unemployment line.

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