We Wear Tinfoil Hats For A Reason

Here's an interesting bit of paranoia: Gamedaily.biz, quoting an anonymous "inside source" claims Capcom's Dead Rising is destroying people's Xbox 360s.

The source has been quoted as saying "...[The problems seem] to center around the release of Dead Rising. The rumor no one can quite confirm right now, is that DR is one of the first games to use the Dual-Core [processors] and thus gets the machine hotter than any other games released so far."

Oh, and for the record, there are plenty of games that employ all of Xbox 360s THREE processing cores without incident.

I blame the problem on The Stonecutters.


Read more about Dead Rising here.

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As a postscript, the article has been removed from Gamedaily, probably owing to the fact that it was a pile of horse dung.

As yet another postscript, the article has been revised, and now may be found here.